What are the best promotional products?

A promotional item campaign is a relatively cheap and effective way to raise awareness for your brand. To pull it off, one important prerequisite must be met: the product chosen must be something your audience can easily relate to. Luckily enough, most people respond similarly to promotional products, so it’s easier to narrow down on what works and what doesn’t.

Here are six promotional products that people love.

T-shirts and other apparel

T-shirts have lasting value. They can be worn for years before finally wearing out and offer a lot of real estate for displaying brand-related material, making them a very effective brand-marketing tool.

Other apparels such as scarves, tank tops, and hats work to the same effect. The only risk you run into with more specific items of clothing such as tank tops is they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Scarves are seasonal and not everyone likes wearing hats.

USB Drives

USB drives are a fan favorite because they can always find some use around the house. Unlike clothes, which, while effective, have a virtual ‘expiry date,’ a good USB can be used for years to come.

The catch when it comes to USBs is you should always strive to buy them from reliable stores. A USB drive manufactured from cheap components can be imported directly from China from a throwaway price, but these barely ever last. Instead, strive to buy quality products.

Mugs and cups

Promotional mugs and cups are the kind of product that almost immediately find their place in the receiver’s home. As strange as it seems, people tend to develop emotional connections to mugs. According to a survey carried out by the Telegraph, 60% of people end up developing an attachment to mugs they use every day. But you probably don’t need a survey to tell you that.


Pens are as traditional as it gets for promotional materials. They are cheap and since basically everyone needs a pen at one point or another, incredibly effective promotional tools. Similar to mugs, they have a long lifetime value. For brands out to expose their logo to new markets, this is a great way to get started.

Since pens often require close inspection, they make the perfect tool for printing websites, too.


Powerbanks are some of the most sold phone accessories in the world. With phones getting great new features every year and batteries staying the same for years, it shouldn’t be hard to tell why. It’s also helpful for brands that it’s possible to get cheap, performant power banks from trusted stores. Like with most things tech, don’t rush to the first cheap listing you see online.


The final great-performing promotional product is the trusty calendar. With a few professional shots of your office, staff or even people at work, you can create the perfect branded calendar. The most stressful things to deal with have traditionally been the calendar design, but there are dozens of templates online to simplify the process these days.