The easy guide to picking out your party look

We present simple ways to shop quickly and effortlessly for your next party.

As far as fun and meeting up with friends goes, there is really no substitute for a party. Parties are the perfect getaway from workday stress, and you can dance the night away with people you like to unwind with. They also offer good opportunities for networking and catching up with people you’ve been out of touch with for a while.

But you must admit that you are successful at parties when you are dressed properly for them. Suppose there’s an office party at an upscale pub – you don’t want to show up in dowdy jeans and a sweatshirt! Party wear is a different class of clothing in itself. And acing the party look is all about shopping clothing online to bring out your glamorous best.

Just follow our lead to shop clothing online for the next rocking party of the year:

* Look up leading fashion sites only. Don’t waste time going to the mall to buy new clothes. It involves too much wandering about the stores trying on umpteen clothes. Instead, whip out your smartphone and shop your clothing online from the best fashion sites. You can even shop designer clothing on fashion sites, at unbelievably low prices. Besides, leading fashion portals have offers and discounts on practically every product they sell, and they feature premium brands from India and around the world. You can finish buying everything, from clothing to accessories and make-up, on the online fashion site.

* Check the clothing carefully before paying.You might find a gorgeous LBD that will look fabulous at the next cocktail party. Or you might want to go with a new Anarkali suit for a wedding reception for your best friend. Whatever the item of clothing you shop online, be sure to check all the fabric and fit specifications carefully. The online site will list the fabric, care instructions, colour options, and the price. More importantly, there will be a size guide or chart provided alongside the illustration. Check for the right size (dimensions are mentioned in both inches and centimetres) and pick the right dress after verifying your own stats.

* Check for refunds and exchange. Leading fashion sites have a no questions asked refund policy, but subject to certain conditions. For instance, you cannot use the clothing and get stains on it or tear it somewhere, and then ask for a full refund. Examine the online store’s exchange and refund policy carefully before proceeding with the purchase.

* Ask for express delivery if you’re in a hurry. You can request for an express delivery option if you’ve shopped clothing online from a leading fashion site. The express delivery option might cost you a bit of extra money as far as shipping charges go, but you can be assured of quick delivery way ahead of normal scheduling. This is helpful if you’ve left your shopping too late or would like a reasonable window of time to decide if you need to exchange any of the clothing you bought.

Now all that remains is to try out your new clothes and dazzle everyone at the party. We hope our simple guide was helpful in putting together your party look.