Here is a List of Unique Promise Ring Ideas

Gifting promise rings to your special one is a way to enhance your bonds of relationship to an extreme level. The most common rings have the simple design, on a gold band with a small diamond, but these simple ideas don’t help in capturing the spirit of the couple. This is why you should seek for quirky, bold or vintage rings. You can also go for customized rings. Here are a few unique ideas to consider before buying a promise ring for your loved one.

  1. Stylized solitaires

A promise ring bearing a solitaire stone doesn’t need to be simply dropped in the ring. Seek for the unique architectural patterns to hold your precious gift, even if it bears a diamond or a brilliantly colored gemstone. Stylized solitaires are an antique portrait style design which bears a quarter carat diamond. Many diamond brokers Queensland refer it to as a buttercup setting, and it is commonly used for opal solitaires.


  1. Personalized creations

The U-prong ring setting brings forth a creative way to support the center stone. When the ring is viewed from the front and back of the ring, the prongs seem or resemble a quite lot like lucky horseshoes. You can even consult your jeweller to design a customized horseshoe detailed prongs for an adorable and quirky nod to the western roots, or as a hidden talisman.

  1. Remembering your roots

You can use your family’s roots as a mean for inspiration. You can add ancestral crests to promise rings or add some symbols from your cultural history. Irish couples prefer the Claggadh ring to showcase the romantic status. The Claddagh is worn on the left for married and engaged couples and wore on the right if the person is in a relationship or available.

  1. Extraordinary designs

Rings are not only meant for vow or promise, but they can also be deemed as magnificent wearable sculptures. Customize a ring that celebrates your partner’s personal styles, hobbies, or passion and create a look that is simply extraordinary. If your partner is a nature lover, create a handcrafted tree-inspired ring bearing a gemstone ivy.

  1. Standing out than the rest

Personal fashion preferences also influences our jewelry in a significant way, even if it is a symbolic ring. If your partner carries themselves with an edge to their style, go for the metals that are exceptional than the traditional hues. Go for black gold and get it embedded with black or white diamonds. You can also opt for bright gemstones like turquoise which will make it pop in front of blackened metals. This kind of engagement ring allows the midnight-hued gold to bring forth a black velvet canvas for a brilliant white diamond.