DIY Water Marble Nail Art

Nail art is a great way to express your personality and creativity. It involves creating beautiful artwork on tiny nails. A new and trendy nail art style is called Water Marble Nail Art. It has got people going crazy, and if you are a fan of nail art, you should definitely get in on this trend. Here is a DIY tutorial so that you can make this beautiful artwork at home.

  • Choose a design – Before making your nail art, it is essential to choose a design. You can check out for inspiration.
  • Prepare – You need to paint your nails with a clear coat. Also, add water to a small cup and form color rings with nail varnish.
  • Make the artwork – Cover the skin of your finger with some tape and dip it in the varnish. After a few seconds pull it out.
  • Let it dry – After the paint dries, apply a cle`