5 types of joggers for different workout schedule

It is important to feel comfortable while working out. Physical strain paired with discomfort caused because of clothing is definitely not a good combination. The inconvenience caused due to clothing while running or jogging may cause agitation to some people, while some, especially the beginners, may even want to quit. The remedy lies in choosing the attire befitting the effort put in during workouts. Here is a list of men’s joggers that you can pick from to gain maximum advantage during any workout session.

  1. Twill joggers

Nobody really pays attention to the weave of the fabric and how they can benefit by choosing the right fabric used to make the garment. The twill weave does not only give a better look but also is more elastic than the plain woven fabrics. You do not want your leg movements to be restricted because your pants are not as flexible as you are. The twill joggers are made from cotton fabric which makes it soft and breathable so as not to cause discomfort during your workout. They have an elastic waistband with drawstrings that you can use to secure the pants at your waist. A perfect outfit for all athletes out there!

  1. Moto Knit Joggers

The moto knit joggers come with extra stitching at the knee. While running or even while walking the knee constantly rubs against the fabric. This causes friction between the body and the garment causing the garment to weaken over time. The moto knit joggers have extra stitching at the knee to withstand the friction. These pants will not wear off at the knee easily and keep the garment long lasting. While bending our knees during any workout session, a lot of strain is applied to the fabric when it stretches. The moto knit joggers can tolerate this strain and also provide slight padding when you bend or stretch. The stitching at the knee also provides aesthetic value to the garment. Also, knit fabrics stretch more than woven fabrics; thus making these joggers suitable for maximum flexibility.

  1. Drop Crotch joggers

The drop crotch joggers are a little loose from the crotch area and then taper down. These joggers are most appropriate for jogging and yoga. During yoga, it is mostly required to sit in a cross-legged position. The trousers generally tear at the crotch area because of the force that it cannot withstand. In drop crotch joggers, this will not be a problem as there is enough fabric to spread across when seated in that position. Apart from its functional purpose, the drop crotch joggers also look fashionable and make you look good even during workouts!

  1. Fleece Joggers

Fleece joggers are nothing but joggers made of fleece fabric. Fleece has the characteristic warmth and softness like that of wool, but it weighs only a fraction of the lightest woolen fabric available. It is an easy care fabric that dries very quickly when washed. Fleece is not very stretchable and so is not suitable for exercises like yoga. They are, however, very comfortable to wear and appropriate for jogging.

  1. Tapered Joggers

Tapered joggers are wider at the top and taper steeply to the ankle. There is more free space to allow movement. These joggers are designed to get maximum benefit out of your workout time and are apt for squatting and running. They add a somewhat sophistication element to the garment and do not sacrifice on the look of the wearer.

Men’s joggers are designed for comfort and style. Choose your workout jogger keeping these things in mind, and you are sure to have a pleasant experience!