On Impressing Your Man withthe Most Thoughtful Flower Arrangements

Which handsome hunk would admit of liking the ‘ultra feminine’ fragrance of the roses? No wonder that even a few years ago, you would have hardly heard of sending flowers to the men. But in this fast-changing world, men tend to have discounted their male-ego. You can often find them hitting the spa, enjoying mud baths and often manicuring. So how sending flowers need a second thought? And for every type of man, there is a flower, at least, a plant. But just as men have this habit of hiding the fact that they love watching “Desperate Housewives”, they are also likely to feel uncomfortable about being candid about the flowers he like. That is where, of course, you need some help.

Shades of Flowers

Of course, no guy would be happy to get a pink or purple, or any pastel-hued bouquet that would have feminine connotation. Rather, go for ‘powerful’ hues like shades of blue, orange and yellow. It makes sense to something that is too white, as they symbolize mourning in many cultures. You would never want to embarrass your man if you deliver the ‘male’ bouquet to his office. So, pick up neutrally-shaded flowers there. As for example, if you are sending roses, then you might opt for something ‘golden’ with bold radiance. Remember that men do not view the world in black and white, yet a number of real guys have revealed that they do not appreciate floral arrangements that are extremely ‘busy’. That is to say, they prefer contemporary designs with minimal ornamentation and clean lines. As for example, a monochromatic dendrobium orchid bouquet in purple or cream, or sunflower appears to be more masculine and robust. Some drool-worthy men have also admitted to like tropical varieties, including birds of paradise for their ‘strong presence’.

On Styles and Etiquette

Different flowers stand for different emotions. As for example, Chrysanthemums signify friendship, while daisies stand for loyalty. Traditionally, red roses and yellow roses stand for love and friendship respectively. Your Miami flower delivery store can arrange for alstromeria if you wish to express your devotion to him, while bamboo signifies good wishes. A rustic flower arrangement or a bonsai plant, with all its masculine appeal is going to be a fitting option for your DIY enthusiast or outdoorsman guy. While choosing the style of flower arrangement, as well as the blooms for your man is important, it is equally imperative to maintain etiquettes while trying to say it with the flowers. Make sure that you keep in mind when and how you do it. For example, it makes sense that you do not get them delivered to his office. This is important particularly if he has a lot of on-site jobs to perform. Rather, have it shipped to his home as a surprise. It is a safe option. Men love secrets and surprises. If he appreciates the gesture and wants the world to know about your thoughtfulness, he would never think twice to share it with his friends and colleagues.