Send Rakhis to Mumbai with IGP – It’s a Breeze!

Hey, you millennial/gen X technology friendly human. We’re glad that you’re reading this. Um, no not because we LOVE to market ourselves but for our unending desire to provide the best services to you.

Raksha Bandhan (my most favourite festival because I have two elder brothers!) is finally arriving and you can almost taste the ladoos and the yummy dairy milk silks! Apart from the mouth-watering eateries, I have to accept that this festival has a special charm to it.

Unlike the others where we celebrate the eternal bond of marriage (as in the case of Karva Chauth) and our devotion to Gods, this festival is based upon the chirpiest and the most lovable bond, that is, the cute and unpredictable relationship between a brother and his sister.

If you’re the younger one (and a sister), you know the importance of all the pampering you get on this day. The new clothes, the gifts and *wait for it* extra money! If you’re the brother, you probably show off your money, which you actually borrowed from your father, to look like a finally growing up man. However, these things and moments seem exclusive to our younger selves because more often than not, one of us have to move away in search of better opportunities or personal reasons.

We, at IGP, do not believe in growing up and we want the same for you. If your dearest sibling is in a city like Mumbai and you’re anywhere else in India (Kashmire se leke kanyakumari), we’ll make sure to deliver your lovely rakhi to your beloved one! Want to know the icing on the cake? We have some adorable, chirpy, and quite colourful designs waiting for you to explore.

How about sending a childish one to the oh-so-professional brother of yours? It will definitely bring back some memories and you’ll be laughing your heart out when he opens the packet (make sure to video call him to get the LIVE feed).

We keep our promises, and we solemnly swear to deliver your love loaded package before the due date! What is more special this year is our addition of great and exciting Rakhi Gift hampers which you can send to Mumbai with your rakhi. If you’re a brother reading this blog, fret not. We have some amazing gifts for you too. You can send them to your sister and watch her rejoice with a childlike glee as she opens the bag of surprises!

So, don’t waste time in thinking and weighing your options. Just choose your pick and click, click, click.

PS: we have an array of satisfied consumers and we’d love if you’d recommend to someone who wants to send a Rakhi to Mumbai. Help people, people!

Happy Raksha Bandhan from our team and keep following us for more.


A Quick Introduction to Selling Used Luxury Watches Online

The market for watches today is truly an interesting one. On the one hand, one might think that with the rise of smartphones, the demand for luxury watches would decline. After all, even the most luxuriously diamond-studded or silver- and gold-plated watch piece still has to tell time, right? Watches, in sharp contrast to necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, are jewelry pieces that have been historically valued just as much by their functionality as their aesthetic appeal.

On the other hand, however, the very fact that watches are no longer as necessary from a functional standpoint as they once were only emphasizes their aesthetic side and enduring appeal. Even with their original function seemingly slightly anachronistic in the digital age, the aesthetic appeal of a classy and well-crafted watch is enduring, which in turn makes luxury watches a hot commodity.

As such, if you’re looking to sell your watch, this guide can help you do so safely and efficiently.

Get Your Watch Appraised

First things first; before you sell your watch, you’re going to want to know what it’s worth in the first place. That means getting your watch appraised, which means both tracking down a qualified appraisal team and learning the elements of watchcraft that are taken into consideration. For example, most luxury watches have a four- to eight-digit serial number that certifies their brand authenticity. For example, in appraising whether or not a watch is a genuine Rolex, an appraiser will look for this code along the six o’clock side of the watch.

In addition, there are several aesthetic and functionality-based factors that factor into the ultimate value of a used watch. The raw materials, including any jewels or precious metals, used in the construction of the watch can add greatly to its value as a piece of jewelry. As a watch in particular, pertinent aspects include the current condition of the watch in question, the extant value of the model in question, any special aesthetic or function-based features it may have, and the prestige associated with the model and maker.

Finding a Trustworthy Site

When it comes to the question of where to sell watches on the Internet, privacy and security are naturally the two biggest concerns and qualifying attributes by a long shot. Your watch, and your bank account at that, are critical assets and you’ll naturally want to make sure that any site on which you engage in trade has extremely strong vetting systems and safeguards built in so as to make sure everything is on the up and up. You’ll therefore want to research the reputations of online sites and only sell on the most reputable of sites, and only to the most reputable of buyers.

Finding a Trustworthy Buyer

Speaking of which, finding trustworthy buyers of watches and other pieces of jewelry online is, again, a matter of comparative reputation. A man (or woman) is only as good as his or her word in an economic sense and so you’ll want to research any potential buyers to make sure that they both have the money to pay you for your watch and that their transaction history is legitimate and without incident. The best watch and jewelry sites, just as many online stores, often keep track of the reputations of their buyers and sellers on their own so you’ll want to look into any buyer or seller data that they provide.

All this and more can help you get started in searching and finding a great deal for your used watch!

Three Benefits of Partnering with a Contract Manufacturer

These days, a lot of manufacturing projects are looking to gain better quality, cost efficiency and productivity by contracting an expert in the field. A contract manufacture can offer practical tips in each state of the production process. They possess the right pieces of equipment to produce high-quality products. And only trained professionals manage this equipment. Contract manufacturers provide critical support, value and knowledge to specialized projects. Aside from these, hiring a contract manufacturer has other benefits to companies. These include the following:

Reduce Overall Costs

Hiring a contract manufacturer allows a business to enjoy a reduced overall cost including money and time. With this approach, a business doesn’t have to pay for a dedicated manufacturing facility. Also, they do business without the cost of equipment and training for people.

In addition, preparing a huge project takes a substantial amount of time and not many companies have this. Contract manufacturers possess all necessary components to start a project right away following the acceptance of the contract and quote.

Make the Most Out of Available Resources

Managing a large-scale project requires strong commitment. A company that does not have proper resources will quickly overwhelm the responsibility of handling the operation. A contract manufacturer lets the company put the responsibility of production on experts with many years of experience handling successful programs. Because of this, the company will just need to concentrate on its core competencies and customers without distractions regarding other aspects of the business.

Ensure Expertise in Each Stage of the Process

A team of professionals make up contract manufacturers to offer development and design support in each stage of the manufacturing process. Such experts have experience with the same projects and the right knowledge they use in dealing with common production issues and obstacles.

Contract manufacturers work together to help companies in choosing the right tooling, machining and materials that will meet their own requirements. Also, they have value-added programs that ensure the production of high-quality products.

Companies that do not have the resources and time to spend on new equipment, staff and facilities can benefit from contract manufacturing such as chocolate contract manufacturing in Quebec. This option is both cost-efficient and effective that ensures the production of outstanding products in the shortest time possible. Getting the help of a dependable manufacturer is probably the easiest way to guarantee the success of a difficult project.