Stock Your Home Bar with Novelty Items

A home bar is a great way to relax after work or to entertain your family and friends. There are many different elements that make up a solid home bar. The bar tends to be stocked much as an actual bar would be. You will have much more flexibility with what sorts of equipment you need. For example, if you don’t make any mixed drinks, then you might not need a shaker. They’re a good thing to have around either way because someone you invite over might want one. The things that you need break down into a few categories; you need things to store bottles, open bottles, make drinks, and serve drinks.

Store Bottles

If you want to store bottles in a novel way, you have several different options. The simplest way to store wine and liquor bottles is with a bottle rack. If you are looking for a novelty solution, there are many different ways to store bottles so they it appear to be inside of a high-heeled shoe. There are bottle holders that depict roosters drinking wine or many other fun ideas. You can also store the liquor or wine outside of the bottle. Liquor keeps longer in a decanter than wine might but many different types of decanters are great for aerating a beverage and displaying it.

Wine needs to be aerated somewhat so that its full flavour can be enjoyed.

Opening Bottles

Opening bottles depends on the type of bottle. A wine bottle needs a corkscrew. The simple manual corkscrew is the most reliable way to open wine bottles. There are many themed and interesting corkscrews available at If you want an easier way to open up a wine bottle, you can choose an automatic corkscrew or a pump corkscrew. A traditional corkscrew works by applying rotational pressure to drive the corkscrew into the bottle. A pump corkscrew works because you apply downward pressure; the corkscrew translates that downward pressure into rotational force. An electrical corkscrew does all of the work for you. They’re great for people who have trouble opening wine bottles for any reason.

Making Drinks

To make drinks, you need shot glasses for measuring portions of alcohol. You also need large mixing glasses so that you can mix drinks. A shaker is a great way to mix drinks because it allows you to make shaken drinks instead of simply stirred ones. You can also strain out the ice with a shaker. Furthermore, you need a muddle stick if you plan to make cocktails with muddled herbs. Once you’ve made the drinks, you need a fun way to serve them.

Serving Drinks

You can always serve drinks in plain glasses but you still need to have appropriate glasses. Having the right kind of glasses allows you to enjoy the different beverages in the best possible light. A brandy snifter allows the brandy to breathe and allows you to smell the aroma before you drink, for example. The glasses are designed with each drink in mind.