Enjoy the Desi Dhaba Experience at these Bangalore Restaurants

One of the best ways to hang out with your friends and family is to go out to the perfect place and dine. But eating at expensive restaurants with a cliché sophisticated ambience gets quite boring with time. Bangalore has always been a city that is full of surprises. The city houses great restaurants where you can satiate your hunger with delectable food. In addition to this, there are number of restaurants in Bangalore that give you the feel of Punjab and provide you with rich flavours in a vibrant desi dhaba ambience.

Here are the best restaurants in Bangalore that are great if you want to enjoy a Desi Dhaba experience:

  1. Silbatti HSR- The Silbatti HSR restaurant is one of the few restaurants that captivate you with the beats and vibes of North India. Interiors consist of wall lanterns, charpoy seats, brick walls and potted plants. The entire setting of the place looks very earthy and alluring. The place also plays nice Bollywood tunes that make you feel like grooving. This is the ultimate place for an ultimate meal. The menu lists a wide variety of options from the North Indian cuisine and whatever you order is finger licking good here.
  2. Dhaba By Claridges- This is another popular restaurant with a dhaba like feel to it. Men who serve food here also dress in nice Punjabi outfits. Food served here are classic dishes of North Indian cuisine. This place is going to take you through a ride of flavours of Punjab. This place is situated in Indira Nagar and is quite popular for aroma as well as spicy indulgence. This place is also quite ideal for hosting parties and other events.
  3. Puran da Dhaba- If you are looking for a village dining experience, then this is one of the perfect places to go to. The entire place has an ambience similar to a village. The place offers great North Indian food. The interiors and the decor of the place will make you feel that you are sitting in some dhaba of Punjab and enjoying the sumptuous delicacies. The place also has a nice bar that serves a large variety of cocktails and drinks. Overall the ambience of the place is quite stylish and amicable.
  4. The Dhaba- For all those who are travelling, this place which located in Marathahalli provides a respite for food. The place serves Indo Chinese food also but the North Indian food is more famous. With a charpoy seating, the entire place gives you a very rustic appearance. It serves the authentic flavours of North Indian food.

So, any time you wish to try the flavours of North India in South India, these are some of the perfect places for you to try. The entire ambience will make you forget that you are in Bangalore and you will feel close to mother Nature in the fields of the Punjab.