A Shiny New Surface for Next Season’s Party

A couple I know owns one of those fine Victorian-style early 20th century homes that they are gradually modernizing and renovating.  Each year they do a major project; last year they decided it was time to redo the floors, which still showed scuffs dating back to the Spanish American War.  They visited a few suppliers and talked to several contractors to discuss what they wanted to do and consider what best suited their place.  They wanted something really stylish that would make the place stand out.

That is when they got their first shock.  The selection of flooring styles and types offered by Lumber Liquidators was enormous.  It took them a day just to narrow down the types of floorings they figured might be most appropriate for their particular home.  Of course, there was always the option of merely resurfacing the existing flooring.  But they also found a wide selection of different new flooring types and styles that might be perfect if they wanted a completely new floor.  The choices ranged from basic laminates to stylish woods to even polished slates, tiles or marbles.  And they could use a Groupon coupon to get discounts of up to 50% off on solid hardwoods.  This could substantially reduce the cost.  They’d planned to install the floor themselves but they were dissuaded by folks who said the skills and equipment required to cut and shape the flooring, coupled with the expertise needed to assure that the floors were properly installed, made it much more advisable to have someone who was experienced and certified do the work.  A good friend said it wasn’t something they could learn just by attending a few seminars at a local hardware store.

So they examined other options, and discovered they could get a $500 discount on the cost of installation by using a Groupon coupon to have the work done by a professional Lumber Liquidators installer.  The combined savings for materials and installation was too good a deal to pass up; they had their new floor installed before fall began.  It was in place in time for them to hold their first Halloween Party at home, and they made a point of having the floors so well polished that guests could admire the shine of party lights and costumes reflected in the new floor surfaces.